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The Online Total Body Transformation Program

Welcome to the online Total Body Transformation Program..... 


We started this program online 2 years ago, it has been awesome. We're now training clients far and wide and we have had some outstanding results. It has been an absolute joy working with these ladies and gents, the help and encouragement they give each other is amazing to see...




You can have your own private page where I will work with you individually, I will structure your personal training program for you to help you achieve your goals. Your workouts will be changed regularly (approx every two weeks) to keep things fresh, and keep you motivated and progressing.


Or you can join a group of ladies on a secret page we already work with online (ladies only), where we all work together as a group, encouraging each other along with the training and the dieting..


Every exercise in every program designed for you is on video..


All the teaching points you will need are there for you..


Your calorie requirements will be worked out for you, depending on your goal..


Meal plans are there for you..


Diets are there for you..


I will also be there for you, if you have any problems or just need some advice, all you need to do is inbox me or put a message on the secret page, either myself or my wife (also a qualified trainer) or one girls we work with, whom are already on the Total Body Transformation program, will answer your question.



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